Roumeliotian Society of Montreal


The Roumeliotian Society of Montreal, George Karaiskakis is a not-for-profit association situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its purpose and mission, is to inform, educate, promote and celebrate the history, people and culture of the area of Greece known as Roumeli with the populace of Motnreal and beyond

The story

In the 1950’s and the early 1960’s, Greece experienced the largest immigration wave in its history. This was a difficult period, such as described by the folk song “ ….”
Thousands of Greeks – among them many Roumeliotes – arrived in Montreal at this time and faced innumerable difficulties. It was not long, however, before most of these difficulties were overcome. What remained insurmountable, nonetheless, was the nostalgia and love for their homeland, customs, traditions, festivals, and songs. Given the obstacle of geographical distance, these immigrants decided to found their own small Roumeli in the heart of Montreal. Indeed, in September 1962, a small group established the Roumeliotian Society of Montreal, Georgios Karaiskakis, the aim and objective of which was and still is to keep alive the Hellenic cultural heritage.
The Association also became a meeting place where recently arrived Roumeliotian immigrants could could share their joys, sorrows, and concerns, and could find understanding and support.

From the time of its inception until now, our Association has played a key role in the Greek community of Montreal, organizing cultural events and festivals, taking initiative in matters that concern all immigrants and that have to do with either the homeland that has been left behind or the one that has received them.

It would be a great omission if today, almost a half-century since the founding of the Association, we did not thank all those who worked honestly and tirelessly all these years – either as Board members or as ordinary members – such that we are able to hold high and with pride our Association’s flag, symbol of our deep love for Roumeli, Greece. By planting deep roots in Montreal, we have succeeded in transmitting our expectations and wishes to the next generation.
It is our hope that the younger generation will accept the baton and lead the Association into the future, with new ideas and new programs, in response to the demands of today’s world.

The Association must continue to play a leading role in preserving the Roumeliotian identity. We call on all the younger generation of Roumeliotes to join the Association and work with us toward this end.

Let’s bring our children to the Association; let them experience, love, and take ownership of the customs and traditions of our native country. Let’s give them the chance to know their roots and feel proud of their cultural heritage.


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